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Better Tools for Better Cooking

Why are Quality Kitchen Tools so Expensive?

Short answer: They don’t have to be.

The right tool makes any job easier. That’s especially true in the kitchen. The problem is, people have to choose between cheap, low-quality kitchen tools and overpriced “premium” brands.

Neither of these seemed like a good option, so we decided to make something better.

By cutting out retail middlemen and selling directly to customers online, we’re able to offer incredible kitchen tools at honest prices.

What Makes Misen Kitchen Tools Great?

Quality Materials

We carefully research and select premium materials for optimal performance.

Thoughtful Design

We (lovingly) obsess over every aspect of each tools we make. The millimeters matter.

Honest Prices

No retail mark-ups = better tools, at better prices.

We Test. And Test. And Test.

And Then We Test Some More.

Each of our products is the result of months of product development. It’s a quest to nail down features and materials that will enhance your cooking experience. Designers, engineers, professional chefs and beginning home cooks all have a hand in assessing each prototype, allowing us to chisel away what isn’t needed, and keep the stuff that makes a difference. The result is cookware that delivers “premium” results, at an affordable price.

It’s Pronounced “Mee-Zen”

An ode to ‘mise en place’

Our name comes from ‘mise en place’ — an important culinary term that means “to put in place.” Chefs practice ‘mise’ everyday when they set up their workstations before service.

Practicing ‘mise’ means being properly prepared, with the right ingredients and tools you need to cook better.

Better cooking through proper preparation with quality tools.

Our Story

It started with a missing pan…

Over a decade ago, a friend lost the one quality pan I owned. The pan had originally been a gift, and when I went to replace it, I had MASSIVE sticker shock. It cost over $200! Insane!

While I didn’t want to downgrade to the mediocre cookware I used to have, I couldn’t justify the price tag. Frustrating? Very much so! But it was out of this frustration that Misen was born.

I deeply believe that people should have access to quality tools at affordable prices because

No matter your skill level, quality kitchen tools will help you cook better.

Can you get by with bad tools? Sure, but they’ll work against you. Good tools, on the other hand, make everything about cooking better.

Misen has grown a bit since we launched on Kickstarter in 2015. We’ve expanded from a single Chef’s Knife to a full range of amazing knives, cookware and prep tools. Many incredible people have joined our team, and we went from 0 to 18 (!!!) office dogs.

One thing that hasn’t changed? Our obsession with designing amazing tools that we can offer to you at honest prices. So on behalf of everyone at Misen, thanks for stopping by!

Omar Rada
Misen Founder